Stanford postdoctoral position in modeling infectious diseases and public health control strategies

The Research Group of Dr. Nathan Lo at Stanford University seeks skilled postdoctoral scholars to join our research team. Specializing in infectious disease epidemiology and public health modeling, we study vaccine-preventable infections (e.g., SARS-CoV-2, pertussis) and neglected tropical diseases (e.g., schistosomiasis, strongyloidiasis). Our research group is interested in the transmission of infectious diseases and impact of surveillance and public health interventions with an overarching goal of informing public health policy. The postdoctoral scholar will have the opportunity to lead high impact research in infectious disease epidemiology and modeling across multiple pathogens.

We are recruiting for multiple positions to study vaccine-preventable infections (with a focus in the United States) and neglected tropical diseases (primarily schistosomiasis). The first project on vaccine-preventable infections will develop and evaluate predictive modeling tools to support outbreak response, epidemiologic investigation, and optimal vaccine strategies, in collaboration with the California Department of Public Health. We will investigate multiple pathogens including SARS-CoV-2 and Bordetella pertussis, with flexibility to investigate related infectious diseases and epidemiologic topics. The second project on schistosomiasis will apply diverse modeling approaches to evaluate precision surveillance and control strategies for schistosomiasis with a focus on hotspot detection. This modeling work will be supported by a large-scale primary data collection, including evaluation of model-driven surveillance strategies.

The ideal candidate will have a superb quantitative background, strong coding skills (e.g., Python, R), expertise in infectious disease modeling across multiple pathogens, expertise with large datasets and statistical analysis, and a high level of independence with the publication record to support these characteristics. The postdoctoral scholar may work alongside students in the research group.

The lab will support and encourage the candidate’s independent research interests that align with our mission. Beyond this position, we welcome applicants proposing interesting scientific directions in infectious disease modeling broadly and will fund a highly independent postdoctoral scholar with a clear vision of scientific investigation that falls within the lab’s mission.

Required Qualifications:
• The ideal candidate will have a PhD in Epidemiology, Engineering, Data Science, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics, Public Health or related computational field.
• Superb quantitative background, strong coding skills (e.g., Python, R).
• Expertise in infectious disease modeling.
• Strong record of peer-reviewed publications.
• High level of independence in scientific work.
• The successful candidate will be mission drive, hardworking, and motivated by the potential for scientific and policy impact, especially to improve health equity.
• Enthusiastic about infectious diseases and global public health.

Required Application Materials:
• Cover letter that describes your research interests, scientific skillset and its alignment with the proposed work, and future career plans
• Curriculum vitae
• Contact information for three references

Please submit the application materials by email to Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis. The expected pay range: $72,000 - $80,000, with benefits (

Stanford University
United States
Closing date
August 29th, 2024
Posted on
April 29th, 2024 17:21
Last updated
April 29th, 2024 17:21