About IDDjobs

It’s often quite difficult to find infectious disease modelling jobs. There are many terms that mean the same thing, from transmission modelling, to dynamic modelling, to infection models. These are often also shared across disciplines, e.g. "transmission models of influenza" vs "animal models for influenza transmission".

Jobseekers find it difficult to locate positions that match their skills, and conversely, for those seeking applicants, it’s hard to get their jobs to the people that want them.

IDDjobs is here to help. We are the best resource for finding a job in infectious disease dynamics, and also aim to be the best place to recruit applicants. Our aim is to connect the people with the skills to the scientific institutions that need them.

IDDjobs covers all levels of positions in any aspect of infectious disease dynamics: pathogen ecology, vaccine demand estimation, transmission models of any disease, dynamic systems of diseases including operational research relating to infections, network dynamics, etc.

All advertised positions are moderated by infectious disease modellers, and automatically tweeted by @iddjobs

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