Research Fellow (3-year postdoc) in Mathematical modelling of the Bunyaviruses intra-cellular life cycle in the Mathematical Immunology group at Leeds

You will contribute to the development of mathematical models of the intracellular life cycle of Bunyaviruses with reassortment. You will work in an inter-disciplinary environment in the Mathematical Immunology group at the School of Mathematics in Leeds. You will work together with a second Research Fellow in the Faculty of Biological Sciences who will experimentally quantify intracellular viral dynamics. You will use stochastic and deterministic approaches, and develop computational tools to parametrise mathematical models of a single viral infection and co-infection, with the datasets generated by the experimental Fellow, who will work under the supervision of Dr John Barr in the Faculty of Biological Sciences.

You will hold a PhD (or be close to completion) in Mathematics, Statistics or Physics, with expertise and experience of developing and applying mathematical models, statistical inference of the models with experimental data and computational simulations.

University of Leeds
United Kingdom
Closing date
November 30th, 2021
Posted on
November 7th, 2021 16:04
Last updated
November 7th, 2021 16:04