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Postdoctoral Scholar Position in Malaria Modeling

Title: Postdoctoral Scholar Position in Malaria Modeling
Location: University of São Paulo, São Paulo SP, Brazil
Scholarship: PD FAPESP (R$ 9.047,40;

Numerous genetic and behavioral factors influence the risk of acquiring malaria. Evidence suggests that certain naturally acquired antibodies are linked to reduced clinical malaria risk in endemic areas. Conversely, specific work activities are known to increase the risk of malaria. In this context, we have demonstrated that components of vivax malaria transmission dynamics in the Amazon can be described by simple mathematical models based on ordinary differential equations that account for the risk heterogeneity in the local population. Our aim is to improve existing models by integrating new evidence generated from project collaborators (in the areas of molecular biology, genetics, and entomology) to better describe vivax malaria transmission dynamics. Ultimately, the models aim to support defining potential control measures to reduce malaria incidence in the Amazon Basin.

Why Join the Team?

  • Work in a multidisciplinary environment.
  • Our team independently collects and generates data.
  • Contribute to progress towards malaria elimination.


  • Analyze epidemiological data.
  • Enhance existing models and design/develop new disease models.
  • Conduct literature searches and analyze field and routine health system data for model input, calibration, and validation.
  • Code software (Python/R) for implementing model features and analyzing data.
  • Prepare research articles and conference presentations to effectively communicate findings.

Key Qualifications and Required Skills:

  • Ph.D. in a quantitative field (e.g., Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Epidemiology, Quantitative Biology, Physics).
  • Experience in numerical analysis, dynamical systems, stochastic processes and/or biostatistics.
  • Proficiency in at least one data-analysis or scripting language (e.g., Python or R).
  • Published articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals.
  • Clear and effective communication of quantitative work to non-experts.

Optional Skills:

  • In-depth knowledge of malaria.

How to Apply:

University of São Paulo
São Paulo
Closing date
March 9th, 2024
Posted on
December 13th, 2023 17:09
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December 13th, 2023 17:57