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Postdoctoral researcher – climate-sensitive infectious disease modelling (R2)

The Global Health Resilience (GHR) Team led by ICREA Research Professor Rachel Lowe at the BSC-CNS is seeking a highly motivated postdoctoral scientist to conduct cutting-edge methodological research on tracking past, present and future risk of climate-sensitive diseases and developing robust data-driven modelling approaches to predict the risk of outbreaks at sub-seasonal to decadal time scales.

The selected candidate will co-develop infectious disease prediction models using open-source and stakeholder provided data to provide decision-support at multiple spatial scales and different forecasting horizons. The candidates will tackle research questions related to the impact of land use and land change and extreme climatic events on behavioural change and infectious disease outcomes, including vector and water-borne diseases in lower- and middle-income countries. The candidates will benefit from interdisciplinary training opportunities tailored to their experience and interests. The research will be positioned within the context of WMO’s Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS), whose aim is to provide actionable climate information to key sectors of society. This position presents an opportunity to work alongside a wide range of leading international climate and health scientists delivering cutting-edge climate services for the health sector to inform policy makers in Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe, and worldwide.

Successful candidates will benefit from expert training and BSC-CNS staff benefits: international multidisciplinary scientific environment and advanced applied research training. We encourage applications from highly motivated candidates with demonstrated experience in impact modelling for public health and an interest in applied research in the context of climate and environmental change.

Key Duties

  • Co-create decision support systems to enhance public health resilience to climate change
  • Harmonise multi-source, multi-scale climate, land-type, demographic, socio-economic, human movement and health datasets
  • Formulate statistical and mathematical models to understand the impact of environmental change and socio-economic factors on infectious disease risk and health outcomes
  • Develop indicators to track the impact of climate change on infectious disease risks and health outcomes
  • Disseminate research outputs in peer-reviewed scientific papers and international conferences
  • Interact with scientists in the group, department, center and other institutions in Barcelona to enhance synergies
  • Apply for competitive grants and projects
  • Engage with local communities, stakeholders and policy makers
  • Develop training materials and deliver training workshops to researchers, data managers and stakeholders
  • Support administrative duties of the group, including arranging meetings, taking minutes, writing deliverable reports, maintaining Wiki/webpages, etc
Barcelona Supercomputing Center - Centro Nacional de Supercomputación
Closing date
November 30th, 2022
Posted on
October 24th, 2022 12:21
Last updated
October 24th, 2022 12:21