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Postdoctoral position modeling evolutionary dynamics and genetic diversity in Lassa fever.

A postdoctoral position developing mathematical and computational models of Lassa virus evolutionary dynamics is anticipated to become available in my group ( in October 2019. The specific goal of this project is to predict genetic variation and sequence diversity of Lassa virus in its natural reservoir, M. natalensis, within Sierra Leone. Unique opportunities exist to evaluate and refine model performance using viral sequence data being collected from natural reservoir populations within Sierra Leone and experimental infection studies conducted at Rocky Mountain Laboratories. This project is part of an international collaborative effort ( to forecast the spillover of Lassa virus into the human population and develop a transmissible vaccine to eliminate it from its animal reservoir. The post-doc will work directly with the broader University of Idaho team, including Chris Remien and Jim Bull, and will have opportunities to work with our international collaborators. Flexibility exists to develop side-projects that work toward overall project goals. This position will be based at the University of Idaho and is anticipated to be available starting October 1 of 2019.

University of Idaho
United States
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May 28th, 2019
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April 28th, 2019 13:40
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April 28th, 2019 13:40