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Postdoctoral Position: African HIV Evolutionary and Epidemic Dynamics

Our group at Johns Hopkins is looking for a postdoctoral fellow to work on projects related to HIV phylodynamics aimed at understanding geography of HIV transmission networks and the role of mobility and migration on HIV incidence and epidemic dynamics in Sub-Saharan Africa. The ideal applicant will have expertise in phylogenetics or computational biology, quantitative experience in epidemiology, statistics, and/or ecology and an interest in public health research related to disease prevention and control in global settings. The successful applicant will be working with Dr. Kate Grabowski in the Department of Pathology at Johns Hopkins Hospital. They will also work closely with the Hopkins Infectious Disease Dynamics Group (, as well as project collaborators at Oxford, University of Edinburgh, Imperial College, and University College London. Applicants with, or nearing completion of, a doctoral degree in evolutionary biology, computational biology, epidemiology, biostatistics, or a related field will be considered.

The successful applicant will work primarily with Dr. Kate Grabowski and colleagues on PANGEA-HIV (Phylogenetics And Networks for Generalized Epidemics in Africa) consortium studies, a project funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that aims to improve our understanding of HIV epidemiology in order to design targeted HIV control strategies and to understand impact of HIV interventions. The successful applicant will be expected to lead analyses using these genetic and epidemiologic data to understand the spatiotemporal patterns of HIV transmission and other aspects of HIV epidemic dynamics in sub-Saharan Africa in collaboration with a team of global experts in infectious disease epidemiology and evolutionary biology. Through PANGEA-HIV, the successful applicant will have access to next generation HIV sequencing and corresponding epidemiological data from over 15,000 persons in sub-Saharan Africa. This work will be highly connected to ongoing HIV control work throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, and the successful applicant will have the chance to share results with policy and operational partners including the Centers of Disease Control and Ministries of Health.

The successful applicant be joining a highly collaborative group who work on projects ranging from empirical data collection to theoretical modeling of disease dynamics. In addition to PANGEA-HIV, there will be ample opportunities to collaborate on other Johns Hopkins studies including with the HIV Prevention Trials Network (HPTN) and with the Rakai Health Sciences Program (a world renowned HIV research organization in southern Uganda) to work on cross-cutting projects focused on issues in infectious disease transmission and control both related and unrelated to HIV.

The position will be for 1-2 years, depending on applicant interest and career plans.
Interested candidates should contact Dr. Kate Grabowski ( with a CV, statement of interest, and references. Application will be considered on a rolling basis and should be submitted by February 28, 2021.

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January 21st, 2021
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December 21st, 2020 20:26
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