Postdoc position modeling the ecological and evolution consequences of transmissible vaccines

The Kennedy lab ( at The Pennsylvania State University is seeking a Postdoctoral Scholar for a project investigating the ecological and evolutionary consequences of transmissible vaccination. Vaccination can be one of the most efficient and effective tools for controlling infectious diseases, but in many settings, including wildlife and farm animal diseases, logistical and economic hurdles make it impractical to vaccinate large enough fractions of hosts to achieve herd immunity. Transmissible vaccines, defined as vaccines capable of disseminating from vaccinated to non-vaccinated hosts, offer one potential solution to these challenges by amplifying the impact of vaccination campaigns. However, transmissible vaccines are not without risk. Reversion to virulence or recombination with wildtype pathogens could complicate elimination efforts or even make matters worse. Using the case study of Marek’s disease virus and its transmissible vaccine that has been in use for two decades, the successful candidate will employ mathematical and computational methods to quantify the risks and benefits of transmissible vaccination, by integrating experimental, epidemiological, and genomic data. Working both independently and in collaboration with empirical researchers, the postdoc will be expected to lead research projects, present the findings of these projects at national and international conferences, and publish their research in top scientific journals.

Penn State University
State College, PA
Closing date
October 2nd, 2020
Posted on
September 3rd, 2020 19:17
Last updated
September 3rd, 2020 19:19