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PostDoc Position in National Taiwan University/ Combining epidemiologic and genomic data to study transmission of tuberculosis

POST-DOCTORAL positions are available from August 2021 to work with the team of Professor Hsien-Ho Lin, College of Public Health, National Taiwan University, Taiwan.

Professor Lin has long been working on epidemiological studies to assist control and prevention of tuberculosis. He also involves in studies applying the framework of comparative risk assessment and investigating the transmission dynamics of COVID-19.

Since 2019, the team of Prof Lin initiated a population-based epidemiologic study of TB transmission in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. The central theme and novelty of this study is the universal whole genome sequencing of all culture-confirmed cases in the catchment area and combining the genomic information with public health information. In cooperation with a strong study team including the head of major medical centers in Kaohsiung, Kaohsiung Department of Health and experts of epidemiology and bioinformatics, around 1,000 cases of TB are being sequenced annually (>90% coverage among all culture-positive TBs) and will be so for at least five years under the support from two major funding sources, Ministry of Science and Technology and National Health Research Institutes.

Research activities will involve analyses of combining epidemiologic and genomic data to study transmission of drug-susceptible and drug-resistant tuberculosis.
Example of related analyses involve: 1. Identify transmission clusters of TB using information from the WGS analysis, supported by epidemiologic and geospatial evidence; 2. Determine the SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) cutoff for defining transmission clusters using external information; 3. Investigate the determinants of and high-risk groups or locations of TB transmission; 4. Study the emergence and transmission of drug-resistant TB; 5. Infer on the transmission network in the study population; 6. Impact of Covid-19 control measures on TB transmission dynamics.

Primary responsibilities include participating in harmonizing data across multiple databases, developing statistical and bioinformatic analyses plans, conducting state-of-the-art analyses, and reviewing related publications. In addition, there will be opportunities for gaining experience in preparing study protocols, designing data collection tools, and overseeing junior researchers.

We are seeking candidates with a doctoral degree in epidemiology, bioinformatics or related field with strong statistical analysis and programming skills. Substantive knowledge of infectious diseases and especially tuberculosis transmission is a plus.
Candidates must have the ability to work independently and collaboratively; strong organizational and record keeping skills; fluent English writing and verbal skills; and an enthusiasm for inter-disciplinary engagement.

*How to Apply: Please send the following documents to Professor Hsien-Ho Lin
Applicants must include: 1) one page letter describing interest in this position and relevant background; 2) a curriculum vita; and 3) names of two or more references.

*Contact: For questions related to this application, contact Jenny Wu at

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