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Our research lab in Mathematical Modeling and Program Science is looking for a COVID-19 Epidemiologist & Transmission Dynamics Modeler.

Our research lab in Mathematical Modeling and Program Science at the Centre for Urban Health Solutions, St. Michael’s Hospital is looking for a Data Scientist – COVID-19 Epidemiologist & Transmission Dynamics Modeler. Our lab develops data-driven mathematical models as experimental frameworks for the strategic design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of public health programs to control infectious disease epidemics, including HIV/STI and more recently, COVID-19. We generate new, actionable knowledge in the service of infection prevention and care at a population-level. The research program is led by Dr. Sharmistha Mishra at St. Michael’s Hospital, and works closely with investigators, community-based organizations, and public health programs. We are currently collaborating with investigators and public health officials across the Greater Toronto Area and Ontario in efforts to understand and respond to the COVID-19 epidemic. Our lab members and collaborators are passionate about making a difference with their unique skills and perspectives within a diverse team, and are working together on what they love to do.

We are recruiting a motivated quantitative epidemiologist and/or transmission dynamics modeler with exceptional analytic, scientific writing, and organizational skills to work on COVID-19 transmission modeling as part of a multi-province CIHR-funded project examining the sources of heterogeneity in outbreaks within and between provinces, and evaluating the impact of interventions to date. The position involves working with an inter-provincial team of mathematical modelers, statisticians, epidemiologists, and students. In particular, the position involves working in close collaboration with local investigators and public health teams to urgently respond to the COVID-19 epidemic in the Greater Toronto Area and Ontario. The focus of this position will be on using and modifying SARS-CoV-2 transmission models developed by the team, and developing new data-driven models to examine tailored and population-specific interventions to reduce the spread and severity of SARS-CoV-2, particularly in the context of congregate settings and disproportionate household and occupational risks. The position involves working with surveillance, survey, cohort, and trial data.

Non academic
St. Michael's Hospital, Unity Health Toronto
Closing date
November 3rd, 2020
Posted on
October 16th, 2020 12:00
Last updated
October 17th, 2020 19:04