Modelling the impact of malaria vector control on mosquito metapopulation and community composition dynamics using longitudinal surveillance data.

This is a ResearchAssociate/Assistant position on a project funded through an ERC Starting Grant “Modelling to Optimise Vector Elimination (MOVE): destabilizing mosquito populations”, working with Dr Mafalda Viana and a team of international collaborators. This project is set up to investigate the role of ecological processes in regulating mosquito populations, and how interventions could harness these processes to accelerate malaria vector elimination.The post holder will contribute by developing and applying metapopulation dynamics and community composition models to long-term surveillance data of malaria mosquitos collected in Burkina Faso, Ghana and Mali, spanning pre and post interventions periods.

University of Glasgow
United Kingdom
Closing date
July 1st, 2022
Posted on
May 23rd, 2022 13:52
Last updated
May 23rd, 2022 13:52