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Malaria genomic epidemiology and immunology

The EPPIcenter research program at UCSF, led by Isabel Rodriguez-Barraquer and Bryan Greenhouse, is seeking talented scientists to study the transmission and immunity of malaria. The successful candidate will be immersed in the multidisciplinary research environment of the Experimental and Population-based Pathogen Investigation center ( and work closely with a diverse team of scientists at UCSF and international collaborators on a number of exciting, well-funded projects.

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One project involves efforts to understand spatial and temporal trends in malaria transmission in various settings using genomics.

Another project involves characterizing the development of strain specific immunity to malaria in the context of detailed longitudinal studies using genomics and high-throughput serological assays.

The fellow will be expected to lead laboratory-based efforts to study the malaria parasite and/or the host response, and ideally lead or engage fully in related bioinformatic and analytical work. Our team is directly involved in all aspects of data generation and analysis including field work, generating laboratory data, modeling, communicating directly with malaria control programs in endemic countries, and helping build research capacity. Competitive salary including full benefits will be provided commensurate with experience and qualifications and the post offers ample opportunities for career development.

Essential Skills

• PhD or equivalent in a relevant field
• Experience with next generation sequencing technologies
• Strong statistical, bioinformatic, and computational skills
• Ability to work well as member of a team
• Excellent written and oral communication skills
• Background in basic biology, population genetics, immunology, ecology, and/or epidemiology

Helpful Skills

• Experience performing and/or analyzing highly multiplexed serologic assays
• Experience in analysis/modeling of infectious diseases
• Programming experience

University of California San Francisco (UCSF)
San Francisco
Closing date
May 1st, 2021
Posted on
January 19th, 2021 19:44
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January 20th, 2021 12:59