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Investigate relationships between data, models, and decision support to develop guidelines and frameworks to identify, quantify, and mitigate biases.

This position entails conducting research on computational and mathematical models of infectious disease transmission and control, aiming to support public health policy decision-making. It is part of the interdisciplinary NRMRC Centre of Research Excellence in Supporting Participatory Evidence Generation to Control Transmissible Disease in our Region Using Modelling (SPECTRUM), collaborating with Dr. Iadine Chad├Ęs from CSIRO Environment. A unique aspect of this role is the opportunity to investigate relationships between data, models, and decision support, while also developing and evaluating guidelines and frameworks to mitigate biases, all within a collaborative environment at the University of Melbourne's School of Computing and Information Systems.

PhD position
University of Melbourne
Closing date
May 22nd, 2024
Posted on
April 22nd, 2024 04:22
Last updated
April 22nd, 2024 04:22