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IC Postdoc Program, any lab-Population mobility. $75k/yr, travel $6k/yr. Host lab $5k/yr. Research Advisor $10k/yr, travel $2k/yr. US citizens.

The complex networks of social interaction that comprise human societies are highly variable in space and time. Heterogeneity is driven by a combination of seasonally predictable events (e.g., religious migrations; patterns of tourism) and idiosyncratic phenomena (e.g., natural disasters; political upheaval).
Epidemiologists have long appreciated the fundamental relationship between human mobility and infectious disease transmission. Patterns of social interaction influence transmission dynamics within a population, whereas the degree of connectivity between populations governs pathogen dispersal across geographic landscapes.
Most traditional methods of estimating human migration (e.g., cross-border surveys; census data) lack the temporal resolution needed to investigate seasonal patterns of human mobility. Other methods either lack the spatial resolution necessary to quantify sub-regional travel (e.g., air traffic volume data) or require a degree of investment that can be difficult to scale (e.g., GPS data loggers; travel history surveys).
The development of scalable approaches that leverage high-resolution data sources (e.g., remote-sensing technology, anonymized call data records, social media data) to estimate human travel on fine-grained timescales would enhance existing efforts to anticipate patterns of pathogen propagation across space and time.

Any College, University, or U.S. Government Laboratory
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March 1st, 2019
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January 10th, 2019 03:28
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January 10th, 2019 03:28