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Graduate Student Positions Available in the Rohr Lab of Ecology and Public Health

Dr. Jason Rohr is looking to recruit graduate students into his laboratory of
Ecology and Public Health. His laboratory studies interactions among
infectious diseases of humans and wildlife, pollution, food production, climate
change, and fundamental and applied ecology. More specifically, he is
currently studying interactions among human schistosomiasis (neglected tropical
disease), food and water access, agrochemicals, and climate in the laboratory
and Western Africa; interactions among pollution, climate change, and
infectious diseases of amphibians (e.g. chytrid fungus, ranavirus, trematodes,
and nematodes) and their contributions to amphibian population declines; the
benefits of mass drug administration to control the major helminths of humans;
the role of pesticides in birth defects, childhood cancers, and declines of
stream biodiversity and ecosystem functions; pollution-microbiome-disease
interactions; biodiversity-disease relationships; and fundamental and applied
freshwater ecology. Please see his lab website for more details Please also consult Rohr’s Prospective
Graduate Student link:

The Rohr Lab will be moving to the University of Notre Dame’s Department of
Biological Sciences ( this summer, so please submit
application materials through the University of Notre Dame
( by the Dec. 1, 2018 deadline. Please send
questions to Jason Rohr at or call 813-974-0156.

Dr. Rohr is aware that this advertisement is only two weeks before the
application deadline. If you do not have time to chat with Dr. Rohr before the
Dec. 1 deadline, please apply and arrange for a video chat after the
application is submitted. Thank you.

PhD position
Notre Dame
South Bend, IN
United States
Closing date
December 1st, 2018
Posted on
November 16th, 2018 03:41
Last updated
November 16th, 2018 03:41