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Genomic epidemiology and evolution of influenza A virus in swine at the National Animal Disease Center, USDA-ARS

A research opportunity is currently available with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Agricultural Research Service (ARS), National Animal Disease Center, Virus and Prion Research Unit located in Ames, Iowa.

The selected participant will be involved in studying the evolutionary dynamics of influenza A virus (IAV) in swine. This project is specifically within the Intervention Strategies to Control Influenza A Virus Infection in Swine project in the Virus and Prion Research Unit. Scientists in this unit maintain a comprehensive IAV research program including investigation of virulence mechanisms, vaccinology, immunology, and virus evolution. The participant will be based on the National Centers for Animal Health campus and enjoy interactions with a dynamic community of ARS intramural scientists, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, and research technicians.

Under the guidance of a mentor, the participant will use a range of phylogenetic methods (including Bayesian) to study how interspecies transmission, genomic reassortment, and farm production practices affect the evolution of endemic viruses and the emergence of novel influenza viruses with pandemic potential in swine. Specific goals are to quantify genetic evolution of IAV from swine in the context of contemporary and historical isolates, determine genetic predictors of influenza host range and virulence, to use sequence data to understand the genetic and antigenic variability of endemic viruses, and to investigate epidemiologic patterns as swine IAV is transmitted among hosts and across complex landscapes. An additional goal is the development of bioinformatic tools or analytical pipelines that quantify the diversity of RNA viruses infecting swine that may be deployed in online databases or interactive websites.

The participant with collaborate with the scientists and other laboratory staff in all phases of the research process (conception, study design, analysis, interpretation, and scientific writing). The participant will advance his or her knowledge in genomic epidemiology, bioinformatic and sequence analysis techniques, and collaborate in a team-oriented, multi-disciplinary influenza A virus research environment. The participant will have the opportunity to attend and present at local and/or national meetings upon acceptance of research abstract.

Additional information on the IAV research group at NADC:

Dr. Amy Vincent (Lead Scientist, Research Veterinary Medical Officer):

Dr. Tavis Anderson (Research Biologist):

National Animal Disease Center, USDA-ARS
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June 4th, 2020
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February 5th, 2020 16:32
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