Fixed term Health Ecnomist/Modeller in HCAI/AMR at UKHSA (contract until 31st Dec 2023)

The post-holder will develop health economic models of healthcare associated infections (HCAI) and antimicrobial resistant (AMR) infections in hospitals and the community. The post holder will analyse epidemiological, cost and healthcare data to inform such models; and use these models to gain insight for public health decision-making and evaluate the potential cost-effectiveness of interventions and control strategies. The post-holder should contribute to advancement of knowledge of HCAI and AMR control. The post-holder will be expected to develop and maintain effective collaborations and co-ordinate the research to meet objectives. Research undertaken by the post holder will respond to policy needs and is expected to provide practical insight for policy makers, epidemiologists and clinicians.

Main duties of the job
Your key responsibilities will include:

  • To lead development of health economic models related to the transmission and control of healthcare associated infections and antimicrobial resistant infections
  • To take the lead in the parameterisation of the models by analysis of appropriate data and literature review
  • To identify, use and analyse complex datasets, synthesizing multiple evidence sources, and using a range of software
  • To develop and use mathematical and/or statistical (health economics and/or health outcomes) models to further our understanding of HCAI and AMR infections and their - associated costs including understanding the burden of HCAI & AMR from different perspectives.
  • To develop models used to assess the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of infection prevention and control measures and other intervention strategies
  • To adapt and extend existing models (written in, for e.g., R) where necessary
  • To develop and implement protocols for managing development of models
  • To work and communicate effectively within a multidisciplinary team and coordinate research accordingly
  • To liaise and collaborate effectively with UK and international colleagues
  • To manage own programme of work and to use considerable initiative and independence
  • To give presentations at national and international meetings, as appropriate
  • To prepare papers for peer-reviewed scientific journals
Non academic
United Kingdom
Closing date
February 1st, 2023
Posted on
January 19th, 2023 15:35
Last updated
January 19th, 2023 15:35