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Faculty Director of Microbial Ecology and Emerging Diseases

The Wake Forest University School of Medicine (the academic core of the US's fifth largest non-profit healthcare system, Advocate Health) is seeking a faculty candidate to grow and direct our research in the areas of Microbial Ecology and Emerging Diseases. This broad research area allows the candidate to bring their research interests into the role (e.g., basic science, clinical trials, translational research, computational epidemiology and mathematical modelling, etc). This role will allow for diverse and meaningful collaboration with the ongoing research activities occurring within the Section on Infectious Diseases (, the Department of Microbiology and Immunology (, and the Section on Comparative Medicine ( beyond.

The faculty candidate, serving as director of this research activity, will promote and facilitate multidisciplinary research efforts, creating teams able to describe the interactome, identify and develop potential interventions, characterize the epidemiology, and conduct the pre-clinical and clinical trials necessary to assess the impact. The Center Director will move the institution to the top tier of research institutions in this area through partnership and the use of enterprise assets that will position us to effectively compete for extramural funding and lead to key therapeutic discoveries.

For more information about the opportunity please contact John W. Sanders, section chief of infectious diseases, at

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Senior faculty
Wake Forest University School of Medicine
United States
Closing date
October 15th, 2023
Posted on
June 15th, 2023 12:48
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June 15th, 2023 12:48