Evolution of pathogen life-history strategies: infection age, heterogeneity and plasticity

A PhD project is available as part of a NEXUS grant from the Institute ExposUM of the University of Montpellier, France.

The PhD project "Evolution of pathogen life-history strategies: infection age, heterogeneity and plasticity" will be co-supervised by Sébastien Lion and Sylvain Gandon (both at CEFE, Montpellier, France) and by Ophélie Ronce (ISEM, Montpellier, France).

The NEXUS project "EMIPSA" funds 4 PhD projects for 4 years on the general theme of the evolutionary epidemiology of infectious diseases in age- structured populations. The EMIPSA project aims at understanding the epidemiological and evolutionary consequences of age structure using mathematical and numerical models. The PhD project we are proposing corresponds to PhD thesis 1 of the EMIPSA project.

Potential candidates will need to have a keen interest in research at the interface between biology, mathematics and public health, and to have the necessary background to work in a group where mathematical modelling and quantitative approaches are central. A particular interest for or experience in epidemiology or evolutionary biology will be greatly appreciated.

For more information, and to check the application conditions, please refer to the EMIPSA project website:
along with the general website of the NEXUS call:
Applications need to be submitted before 21 April 2024. A selection phase with an oral examination by a committee will follow.

Link to the summary of the PhD project:

PhD position
University of Montpellier
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April 21st, 2024
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March 12th, 2024 07:43
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March 12th, 2024 07:43