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Dr. Valle is seeking a PhD student with strong interest in statistics, data science, and decision support tools applied to disease ecology.

Dr. Denis Valle (School of Forest Resources and Conservation, University of Florida [UF]), is seeking a PhD graduate research assistant with strong interest in statistical modeling applications and decision support tools.

Research in Dr. Valle’s group focuses on tackling important applied problems in disease ecology by creating and using innovative Bayesian statistical models and decision support tools. Dr. Valle is affiliated with the Tropical Conservation and Development program ( and the Emerging Pathogens Institute ( at UF. Examples of past research projects can be found at under the “publications” tab.

Given the wide range of problems tackled by this group, there is considerable flexibility regarding the specific scientific application. Nevertheless, this position will involve the development and application of novel Bayesian models and potentially interactive tools to aid decision-making.

Applicants are expected to be highly motivated, independent, able to successful communicate research results (i.e., through publications), and enthusiastic about computational and Bayesian methods. Prospective students with strong experience in computer programming (e.g., R, Python, or MatLab) and with great communication skills (verbal and written) are particularly encouraged to apply. Requirements for prospective students include:
• Competitive GPA/GRE scores (>50% percentile)
• BS or MS degree
• The candidate must meet the formal admission requirements for the University of Florida and the School of Forest Resources and Conservation. (

This position will be located at the UF campus in Gainesville, FL. Duties include writing and presenting result of research in scientific conferences, searching and applying for additional sources of funding, and assisting other students within the team on statistical analyses. If interested, please email the items listed below to
• CV with contact information and contact information for three academic references
• GRE scores
• One page cover letter describing
a) prior research experience (if any),
b) career goals and interests and how they align with those from the Valle lab, and
c) prior experience with statistical modelling, computer programming, and/or decision support tools.

PhD position
University of Florida
Gainesville, Florida
United States
Closing date
December 1st, 2020
Posted on
October 22nd, 2020 17:07
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October 22nd, 2020 17:07