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Combine extremely high-throughput serology all human pathogens with epidemiological and mathematical models of disease dynamics.

The Mina lab focuses on cross-species and cross-scale dynamics of infectious diseases and vaccines utilizing combinations of high-throughput serological techniques and ecological modeling.

The Postdoctoral Researcher will have an opportunity to work on numerous projects that include combinations of extremely high-throughput serology, ecological modeling of infectious diseases, and linking immunology to pathogen dynamics and population outcomes across scales: from individual immunological consequences and responses to vaccines and infections, to modeling landscapes of infectious disease dynamics across space, time, ages, etc.

Potential projects include:
Computational +/- lab component
• Using high-complexity serological data (10000’s of antibody responses per individual) to help elucidate the heterologous effects of vaccines and infections at the immunological and population levels.
• Improve understandings of early immune development, how immunity develops from birth onward to elderly, and how this interacts with the myriad exposures to pathogens throughout life.
• Evaluating the role of measles vaccines to reduce morbidity and mortality due to all other infections.
• Development of novel methods for the detection and reconstruction of ongoing or past epidemics using high-throughput serological data.
• Estimating global landscapes of infectious diseases from age and geographically structured serological data.
• Linking vaccines and infectious disease dynamics to long-term economic and human-capital gains.

Lab bench +/- computational
• Development of novel accessible high-throughput serological assays through incorporation of nanopore sequencing and other portable technologies, for use in public health settings.
• Considerable opportunity for advancing new technologies and for collaboration with Steve Elledge’s lab at Harvard Medical School)

Harvard School of Public Health
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December 31st, 2019
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September 10th, 2019 08:39
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