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Assessing multimorbidity of non-communicable diseases and schistosomiasis in rural Uganda


Identify the key risk factors for individual NCDs in the study population.

Assess how NCD prevalence varies by schistosome prevalence and intensity, contributing to established schistosomiasis models from the group.

Identify common clusters of NCDs with schistosomiasis and key risk factors/shared pathways in the co-distribution of common NCDs (e.g. alcoholism and smoking) using DAGs, Bayesian networks, etc.

Examine the variation in NCD and schistosomiasis co-occurrence either over a lifespan by assessing the variation against age in a cross-sectional study or longitudinally from year-to-year in the cohort.

PhD position
University of Oxford
United Kingdom
Closing date
December 9th, 2022
Posted on
September 1st, 2022 11:55
Last updated
September 1st, 2022 11:55