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2.5 years postdoc @SurreyVet, with @Daniel_L_Horton and @EpiPixels, TELE-VIR @OneHealthEJP project. Looking for bioinformatics/programming exp

The TELE-Vir project key aim is to develop a very fast point-of-incidence (poi) toolbox for identification and characterisation of emerging virus threats for humans and/or domestic and wildlife animals. Third-generation sequencing using the MinION device (Oxford Nanopore Technologies) has shown to be a promising fast diagnostic sequencing tool. We believe that when combined with a suitable field- deployable point-of-care approach, and a direct upload of genomic, phenotypic and epidemiological data into a user-friendly bioinformatics toolkit, a very fast identification and characterisation can be performed.

The poi toolbox will be built on already developed point-of-care virus inactivation and nucleic acid extraction methods and expanded to a standardised protocol for the MinION sequencing of both DNA and RNA virus in clinical specimens. The bioinformatics part will be built on an already existing bioinformatics platform like the INSaFLU and will enroll user-friendly graphical interfaces from the very beginning of the workflow (assessment of quality of sequencing reads) until the final outputs (e.g., phylogeography charts enriched with associated sample metadata and relevant viral genotypic and phenotypic features such as the available data on virulence, host (and, if applicable, vector) ranges, transmissibility, persistence in the host and in the environment, drug resistance, antigenicity, etc.).

The post holder will work together with partners on the TELE-VIR project to develop the poi toolbox to address emerging viral threats. The post holder will be focussing on the integration of epidemiological, genetic, and phenotypic data in a web-based user interface. They may also contribute to other projects within the European Joint Programme on AMR, Zoonoses and Emerging threats as needed. Some EU travel will be required.

University of Surrey
United Kingdom
Closing date
February 2nd, 2020
Posted on
December 20th, 2019 09:31
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December 20th, 2019 09:31